Friday, July 29, 2011

Well it's Official...

We're Floridians!!!

Did I mention that this is our 5th state to live in (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee (east, west, and middle), Texas, and now Florida, but hey who's counting :) Things here are going good. We are still in the process of getting everything unpacked and put somewhere, but we make a little more progress everyday. Things here in Florida are not a whole lot different from other places we have lived. As always in the south, it is HOT and HUMID!!! We have gotten quite a bit of rain lately, which they were in need of, so that is a good thing. The kids have adjusted well, as they always seem to do. They start school here the 22nd, and Carley is more than ready. She is my social bug, and needs more interaction than just me and her brother every day. Now onto what we have been up to. Other than the obvious of unpacking and getting the house set up, things are busy as usual. Carley turned 8 back on July 3. It is so hard to believe that my last baby was born 8 years ago. That really kinda makes me feel old. We found out that Jacob will have to have some oral surgery on Monday. He has an extra tooth under the gum above his front teeth, so that has to be cut out. We also learned that 2 of his baby molars need to come out. The ligaments that allow your baby teeth to grow and let the permanent teeth push through, have calcified to the bone, stopping the growth of those 2 teeth. I know, if it's something strange, it's my child. Anyway, since they will be putting him completely asleep to take out the extra tooth, they are going to go ahead and remove the molars at the same time. After all that heals, they will come back and put spacers where the molars were to allow room for the permanent ones to come in. I really feel bad for him. I hate having teeth removed. I have been fortunate enough to only have had my wisdom teeth removed, but I will admit I sat in the floor and cried because I didn't want it done, and yes I was 16! Anyhow, I know he will do just fine because he's my trooper, now Carley on the other hand may need to be sedated for a week :) Next weekend we are having some super special guest coming to stay with us, but that's all I will say on that for now. You will just have to check back in to see who it is :)