Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yesterday was Jacob's eye appointment. Luckily everything went well. His vision was 20/25 in both eyes. The doctor said that wasn't bad enough to fight with glasses just yet. I know it's coming, but at least we put it off for hopefully another year. In other news, it has finally became fall in Texas. Today was the crispness in the air that we've been waiting on and we finally got some rain yesterday. It was just time time. This weekend is "Boo at the Zoo" in Abilene and we were hoping to go and not have to roast the entire time. Also our family harvest at church is coming up and we were hoping for a bon fire, but have been under a burn ban since June, so hopefully we got enough rain to lift the ban. Hope everyone is doing well and we miss everyone very much! Can't wait to see everyone at Christmas. Brad is actually getting off from December 22 to the 31!!! So plan a date and we will book you in LOL!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Sad Day!

Jacob came home from school the other day with a letter from the school nurse saying he had failed his eye exam at school. I always knew this day would come since mine and Brad's entire family is blind as a bat (with the exception of Brandon-LOSER), but I at least hoped it would be later on. We have an appointment in 2 weeks and I hope that there was maybe a mistake, but chances are probably not. I will keep everyone informed on what happens and if we end up with glasses in the 1st grade!