Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time to Move On

Well, God has once again provided for us the way he always has...We have a new job! We will be working with the congregation in Marianna, FL. We will be making the move the first week of July. We are very excited to start a new chapter in our lives, and did I mention it is only 1 hour from Panama City. As most of you know, we LOVE the beach!!! It will be hard leaving the great friends that we have here, but I guess that is just the life of a preacher. As Brad always says, "We do not say good-bye, but see ya later." I will try to update everyone after we get moved and settled. It will definitely be a busy next few weeks with Father's Day, Brad's birthday, Carley's birthday, and of course moving (whew that wears me out just saying it!) Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Way to go Jacob Bradley!

I just had to let everyone know that...JACOB IS SWIMMING!!!! I know most of you are thinking, "so what, big deal???" but it is a very big deal for my chicken of a child. We are talking about a kid who would not even get his face wet in the shower, and is now swimming (with his face under the water and all). Carley is also swimming, but she never lets Jacob get one over on her. I am one proud Mama! Hopefully one day I will get some pics up to show you, because if your like me, you can't believe it!