Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well I'm finally getting around to posting and letting everyone know what has been going on. This week has been an EXTREMELY busy week! We had 9 baptisms this week!!! That is such a wonderful thing for the church, but sure wears out the preacher and his wife. I had training again all week at work which kept me until 5:00 every night. And Brad had to preach a funeral yesterday. Any wonder why I woke up this morning and couldn't move my neck. Can we say STRESS!!! That extra hour last night needed to be about 5! On other notes the temps here are in the 80's. I can't recall a Nov. with 80 degree weather. The gas prices here have dropped to $1.92 as of yesterday. I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall and getting ready for Thanksgiving. As of now, I think I might cook my first Thanksgiving meal this year for just us. I know we will be invited to go places here, but it may be kinda nice starting our own tradition. If I decide to do that it will be something small like a turkey breast, but I'll let everyone know what I decide!