Friday, April 9, 2010


Well this week has been the kiddos spring break and luckily the weather has been absolutely beautiful! We started off our break last Friday by heading to the Opryland hotel for Lads to Leaders. This year was our year to observe and take it all in since we have never been before. I was amazed at the talent some of the young children had. It was very uplifting to see such good happening for the church when it seems at times all you can see is the bad. We also got to see many of our preaching friends, so besides the fact that it was exhausting it was a lot of fun. On Sunday my friend Amanda and her family came to church with us. It was great spending Easter with them. On Monday a very precious couple from church had us over for a cookout. We got to fish in the pond (not tank, for my Texas friends LOL!) and ride 4 wheelers. We had a blast. My little chicken, aka Jacob, was very content to play football and fish, but my little daredevil, aka Carley, wanted to ride the 4 wheeler all day and kept hollering for Brad to go faster, go figure! I have a feeling the teenage years with that child will definitely put my parenting skills to the test! On Tuesday we went over the Mrs. Bettye's, aka my flower lady, for dinner. It was such fun letting the kids play and getting to know a newly baptized couple a little better. Yesterday we headed to Alabama to visit MawMaw and PawPaw. We had so much fun and can't even explain how nice it is to be able to go and see them when I want to.

Needless to say, what I thought would be a boring spring break has turned out to keep us on our toes. Next weekend my family is coming up to spend the weekend with us and watch the kiddos play soccer (I will get some pictures of that up soon).