Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes I do know it is still November!

O.K., I know that it is only November 16 and I am usually very anti about putting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving (because let's face it Thanksgiving always gets left out), but due to the fact that we are moving Dec. 18 I finally talked Brad into getting our tree up and wasn't it worth it.......... I Love My Tree!!!! One reason I look so forward to putting up the tree is because Christmas ornaments have always been my collectible. Every year we have a family ornament and a kids ornament. Also that is the one souvenir from all the vacations we take that I get, so I have one for every place me and Brad have went to. We also get a new home ornament for every new home, so lets face it that takes up half of the tree :)! So long story short, I couldn't imagine going through another whole year without my tree because it houses all my memories!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moving home....

Yes, we are moving to Fairview, Tn (outside of Nashville). I am so happy to be moving close to family and friends again. We are still planning on leaving Breckenridge around Dec. 18, but it will take us a few days to get there. I really was hoping to be settled for Christmas, but that won't be happening. I am thinking very seriously about putting my tree up now and taking it down before we move. I know that sounds CRAZY, but if you know me at all, you know Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. If I can't have my tree, I may go into total depression! Anyway, onto some other news. The kiddos had their eye appointments this week and they both have to get glasses. I knew it was coming since everyone in both mine and Brad's entire family wears glasses except Brandon...LOSER! Carley is actually pretty excited. Her glasses are sooooooooo cute. They are pink with a little diamond and a flowered pattern on the sides. Her eyes are actually pretty bad (like Daddy's). He said that one eye is pretty weak even with the glasses, so he wants her to wear them for 2 months and then see her again. If it's not any better, he wants to patch 1 eye for 2 hours a day to strenghten the other eye. I know that will go over GREAT! Jacob's is just normal can't see like Momma. He was NOT a happy camper. He had told me the night before that if he had to have glasses, he would break them. I know that this is going to be a battle of the wills, but I hate to tell my hard headed little man that Momma is going to win! He tried on every pair of children's glasses they had with a sullen look on his face, telling me he hated every pair. Finally the lady had a pair in the back that had just come in. They are blue and green and he finally decided to give in and go with those. I am just grateful they both are getting them at the same time, or I might have had to have Jacob's glued to his face. At least this way he is not alone and Carley will be doing the same thing.