Saturday, May 30, 2009

SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Need I say more! I am so glad that we made it through another school year. It is somewhat bittersweet since my baby will now be a first grader, but life does go on. I did miss my students last day of school being out with strep throat AGAIN, but at least I am recovering a lot quicker this time. Baseball also ended for Jacob last night, Hallelujah! I am glad they won 2nd place for the season, but am even happier that we don't have to play today. I love it when my son wins, but am so ready for the break. The kiddos are starting swimming lessons Monday. I am not real sure how that will go. I think sister will do fine, but Jacob on the other hand??? He told me this morning "but you and daddy usually just hold us in the pool". When they tell that child to stick his face in the water, I am sure we are going to show all of our true colors.(Remember the death grip from the beach Becky?) Only time will tell. On to better news, Disney is only 20 days away!!!!!! I am so ready for this trip, I've only been planning for a year(you know the OCD kicked in a long time ago!). We are also in desperate need of a vacation. We missed ours the last 2 years due to moving!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally, Easter Pics

I am ashamed to say, this was my kiddos 1st time to dye eggs!

Notice Gracie hoping for an egg to eat!
Aren't they sweet, sadly it won't last!