Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes I do know it is still November!

O.K., I know that it is only November 16 and I am usually very anti about putting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving (because let's face it Thanksgiving always gets left out), but due to the fact that we are moving Dec. 18 I finally talked Brad into getting our tree up and wasn't it worth it.......... I Love My Tree!!!! One reason I look so forward to putting up the tree is because Christmas ornaments have always been my collectible. Every year we have a family ornament and a kids ornament. Also that is the one souvenir from all the vacations we take that I get, so I have one for every place me and Brad have went to. We also get a new home ornament for every new home, so lets face it that takes up half of the tree :)! So long story short, I couldn't imagine going through another whole year without my tree because it houses all my memories!


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Micah said...

Yay! Christmas tree! I'm working on getting mine up because we won't get back from our Thanksgiving visit until the 29th and we are having a party on the 12. Now that we have Reagan it takes me forever to get anything done so Justin said I could start early but only on the inside. :)

Cheryl Tate said...

Hey How are you guys doing hope all is well with you guys and hope you have a merry christmas