Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just to give everyone a quick update on Carley. Yesterday I started the day calling around to pediatric allergist trying to get an appointment. Most could not see me until August, I mean come on...Really??? So I ended up getting the name of a pediatrician in Franklin that came highly recommended (I haven't pick the kids doctor since we moved). I called and they were able to see us yesterday afternoon. She was GREAT!!! She is so nice and actually took the time to talk to Carley, which a lot of doctors won't do. She told me it could be a number of things and we may never know what actually caused the reaction. She said a lot of times allergic reactions that severe build on one another. Example- she is a little allergic to dogs and gets around a dog and that irritates her system a little, then she eats seafood which aggravates her a little more, then she smells a flower with a lot of pollen and that sends her system over the edge. She was able to get me an appointment with an allergist this Thursday. She told me not to have high hopes that we will ever find out what caused this, but she said even if we can eliminate some of the little allergens that would help. She said if this was to happen again we might consider keeping a diary of what Carley eats and is exposed to...Fun!!! I sure hopes it doesn't come down to that. Can you imagine trying to keep track of everything your 6 year old does. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

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Kristen said...

I am glad you like the new ped! I hope they can uncover at least some of the things that might lead to helping her out!