Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning...

It seems my summer is going to be spent planning!!! Planning what you may ask, well birthdays, wedding, vacation, and preschool. The church here at Fairview has decided to start a preschool in the fall, of which I will be the director. I am so glad we are starting this work because there is a huge need for it in the community. I need to finish getting everything organized and ready to go for it to start in the fall. (As a matter of fact I started out working on curriculum and somehow ended up on here, oh well!) Then as most of you know birthdays run full circle for the Tate's in the summer. Brad is June 29, Carley is July 3, and Jacob is Aug. 8. I am the oddball with a Jan. birthday stuck in the middle of winter. Anyhow, I really need to plan something for the kiddos, but right now have no idea! Then on to the best part of the summer....the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say I LOVE the beach. It is my all time favorite place ever! We are going to Gulf Shores (if the stupid oil will stay away) July 31- Aug.7. I am so excited. It has been a few years since we went to the beach since we splurged on Disney last year. I am ready for a relaxing vacation of sitting on the beach and eating fresh seafood! Now on to the final planning of the summer...the wedding! Me and Brad decided that we are going to renew our vows while we are in Gulf Shores. We got married at the courthouse and never had a real wedding. We have always wanted to renew our vows on the beach, but always said we would go to the carribean on our anniversary in Feb. and do that. Well 2 kids and 50 (well not really, but feels like it) moves later, we are just going to do it. My family is going with us to Gulf Shores, so that makes it perfect since everyone will already be there. What started out as simple vow renewal has kinda expanded a little. I guess since I never had my dream wedding, I am kinda making up for it. I will definitely keep everyone posted and let you know how it all turns out.

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