Monday, July 5, 2010

Carley Brooke Turns 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That really doesn't even seem possible. Can it really be that I gave birth to my last baby 7 years ago??? Where in the world has time gone??? It seems like ago a short time ago she was my chubby little baby girl that I would hold and cuddle and rock to sleep... Now here she is turning into a young women riding a 2 wheeled bike, tying her shoes, and "Miss Independent"
I really do wish I could slow things down a little and really take in how fast my kiddos are growing up. It's hard to believe in a few short years they'll be entering high school, graduating, going to college, the list goes on and on!!! Happy Birthday to my Big Girl, I Love You!!!

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Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Carley!