Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Way to go Jacob Bradley!

I just had to let everyone know that...JACOB IS SWIMMING!!!! I know most of you are thinking, "so what, big deal???" but it is a very big deal for my chicken of a child. We are talking about a kid who would not even get his face wet in the shower, and is now swimming (with his face under the water and all). Carley is also swimming, but she never lets Jacob get one over on her. I am one proud Mama! Hopefully one day I will get some pics up to show you, because if your like me, you can't believe it!


Becky said...

awesome!! we have swim lessons for the boys in 2 weeks, so we will see how that goes. you know my kids are the exact same way as yours. so now i know not to even bother worrying for at least another 2 years. makes me feel better for sure!

Christy Tate said...

Yeah, I just got through saying that Jacob would NEVER learn how to swim. We started by getting him to jump in (not going under), then jump in and going under, and then he just did it...AMAZING!!!