Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Chldren!

Well today Carley got her first set of stiches. She somehow managed to cut her eyelid playing on the swingset. The doctor attempted to steristrip it, but that didn't work and ended up with 2 stiches. A nurse had to wrap her in a sheet and hold her down and mom did really well until the doc. decided it was going to have to be stiches and broke out the needle. At that point I was done, and told Brad he was going to have to take over. I do not do well with shots anyway especially when it is in my childs face! Then Carley screams bloody murder and told the doctor he was killing her. He said he has never had a child to say that to him before. I thought just leave it to mine! Anyhow for those of you who are counting that is stiches in Jacob's right eyebrow and now stiches in Carley's right eyelild(must be something about that right eye) and a broken collarbone. That totals 3 emergency room visits in my 7 1/2 years of being a parent. Not too bad I guess but I did ask Brad how Becky had manage no visits in 5 years with 3 kids! You must have better luck than me sister. Anyhow Happy New Year, and I sure hope that the year manages to get better.


becky said... kids just aren't daredevils!! you know they are afraid of their shadow. plus, God knows i can handle any one else's kids, but not mine. hey, i had a sick newborn. does that count??

Christy Tate said...

Yeah, I was lucky on that part. You'd be surprised at what you can actually handle when the time comes! I had to tell the er doc. about our collarbone a few years ago and he said she must be a tom boy. The sad thing is not really! Just very accident prone like her JoJo.