Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Well we attended our first session of swimming lessons on Monday. They spent most of the time just getting the kiddos use to the big pool. They had them hang on to the side and kick and they also took each child and held them and had them practice the swimming motion. They tried to get each child to put their face in the water(you can imagine the reaction from my son!). When we got there we realized Carley's best friend, Taylor was there. Of course the two of them didn't get much accomplished for the constant talking, gotta love girls! Jacob just kinda made himself a wall flower and tried to disappear. He kept telling me he didn't need swimming lessons, they were boring. The fact is he is scared too death and doesn't want to admit it. At the end of the lesson all the kids got to put a life jacket on and have "play time". The pool has a really cool built in slide(kinda what you would see at a water park). I told Jacob to go down the slide that Jessica was at the end to get him(a lifeguard that we go to church with, whose family has become some very dear friends). He went on over, but you could see him shaking with fear. Carley and Taylor both jumped right on, so Jacob finally decided to give it a try. His head never even went under the water, so he was good to go after that. In the meantime, Taylor goes over and jumps right off the diving board without any hesitation, so guess who follows. She climbs onto the board and looks at me and says she scared. I told her she was already there so she might as well jump, and she did. Of course she went under the water, but came right back up. I was amazed! I am sure she would have never done that if Taylor wouldn't have, but nevertheless she jumped! Tonight after church we have Taylor's party at the pool and then swimming lessons again on Friday, so hopefully by the time we leave for Disney they will both be pretty accustom to the water.

On to other news, I couldn't finish my antibiotic because it was making me sick so I called yesterday to tell the doctor and see what he wanted to do. I told him I was still not feeling great, so of course he wanted to see me. He ended up doing a mono test which thankfully came back negative and gave me a penicillin shot to hopefully clear everything up. May I add that thing HURT!!! Anyhow hopefully now I can get better and get on with my summer vacation. Although last night before bed sister said her head hurt (the main symptom my children have when they have strep throat). I gave her some medicine and she is still sleeping at 9:00. I hope and pray she is not sick! If she has to miss Taylor's party I may have to buy her a pony to get over it!

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