Friday, February 12, 2010

A Sad Week

This has definitely been a bad week emotional. On Tuesday I found out that a fellow student from MSOP (the preaching school that we attended), had made the tragic decision to end his own life. I had such a hard time with this because us being a preaching family it just hit so close to home. I kept trying to think how that could so easily be Brad. Then yesterday I got the tragic news that a fellow classmate of mine was killed in a car crash. This was a guy that I started kindergarten with and went all the way until 12th grade. He was married to Brad's 3rd cousin and had 2 young sons. I had such a hard time sleeping last night because once again I thought about how my life could be changed in a moment if something happened to Brad. Take the time today to stop and Thank God for every day he gives you with the ones you love. You never know when everything will change!

To the families of John Gondos and David Norwood, we love you and you will be in our prayers!

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