Friday, November 5, 2010

A Little Better

Well it has now been a little over 4 weeks and I am still getting a little better everyday. This week I have actually managed to get out quite a bit. Brad took me to get my hair done, which was sooooooo overdue. I cannot even begin to explain how bad my color looked. I also got out to vote, went to see Jamie play ball, and went to Target today (oh how I've missed thee). Jamie actually got to play basketball last night at Vandy. It was so neat to get to see her playing at a big SEC school. They lost, but at least they were there. I still move really slow and am sore, but am trying to get my body back to moving again. I am hoping to go to church Sunday for the first time since my surgery. I have missed being in worship so much! The only set back I am worried about is being able to sit on the pews for a whole hour. Sitting is still really uncomfortable, so we will keep our fingers crossed that I'll make it.

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