Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life in Texas

Well the 1st thing that everybody ask me is "Is it hot in Texas?" Well the temperature so far stays around 100 degrees, but there is hardly any humidity and there is always a breeze blowing. It really doesn't seem that hot here like it does back home. The church here has been great so far. We have been here about 6 weeks and Brad has baptized 1 person and had 1 person be restored. The people have been great and we are really liking living in a small town. We have been pretty busy since we got here. We had our VBS last week and it went really well, but we were super busy getting everything ready. I'm having the kids a combined birthday party on Saturday. They both wanted Kung Fu Panda, so it was easier to combine and do 1 party instead of 2 separate parties. I'm attempting to make the cake, which should be interesting. I've made their cakes for the last 2 years, but have always used the shaped pan and just piped on the icing. This time I'm making a sheet cake and covering it with fondant and painting it. I just hope it turns out, if not we will be using plan B, cupcakes. I'll keep you updated on the cake situation.


becky said...

my crafting only goes so far...and so far, i have learned that cakes aren't my thing. i need to stick with sewing!!

Shelley said...

Hey, Well i bet your cake will turn out wonderful... Just do like Duf does on Ace of Cakes lol .... Well tell the kids i love and miss them very much. I hope you and Brad are doing ok.