Thursday, July 31, 2008

Much Better Days

The last 2 days have been a lot better around the Tate household. Yesterday the kids went swimming at a ladies house a few houses down that goes to church with us. She keeps her 2 grandkids(1 boy and 1 girl) and invited Jacob and Carley over to swim in their kiddy pool for about 2 hours. That worked out perfect! The kids wore themselves out enough that by the time they got home, they didn't have the energy to fight with each other. Today me and Brad have a lunch date with a couple that has visited the church a few times so we can hopefully get to know them better. While we are gone the kiddos are going to Mr. Jim's with one of the teenagers from the youth group. Mr. Jim's is an awesome place here in town. It is a buffet pizza place that has an indoor gym for the kids to play. Everyone needs a Mr. Jim's! It has still been extremely hot here the last few days( I guess I spoke too soon in the first post). Tuesday night we were watching the news at 10:00 and the temperature was 98 degrees. I can't say I've ever seen it 98 degrees at 10:00 at night, but anyhow it is Texas so I have been expecting it. Tomorrow Brad is off, so we are going to Abilene to shop for school supplies-FUN! Wish me luck since this is the first year I will be buying supplies for 2. It is hard to believe time is going so fast!

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kate said...

hello! I'm glad things are going well despite (or maybe in spite of) the heat. The kids' cake looked great, and I'm sure it tasted that way too. I hope the kids start off school well. Tell Brad and the kids we said "hi." We love and miss ya'll.