Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ready for school!

School starts here in 4 weeks and I am very ready! Not to wish my kiddos childhood away, but they are extremely board with the summer and driving me crazy. I just spent an hour cleaning a broken lightbulb up out of Jacob's room. He and Carley decided to play star wars and hit one of the lightbulbs in the ceiling fan with a light saber. We all know how much glass can come out of a little lightbulb. Thank goodness for my kirby vacuum that I felt was way too expensive 10 years ago! It has been too hot the last couple of days to play outside(yesterday was 109), so we are getting to the bare wire. If anyone has any ideas on keeping us sane I am very open to suggestions. We have a mall here with a really good play area but it is 50 miles away!


becky said...

are there any places around there that have the public fountains or water spouts the kids can play in? or is there a movie theater that is doing the free/cheap mid-morning movie like they do at the hollywood 18 here?

Christy Tate said...

There is a public pool, but that is about all. I'm not sure about the movies, but I'll check into it.