Friday, September 26, 2008

Ways Texas is Different than the Tennessee Valley

This never happens (2 post in 1 day), but none of my family or friends has been to Texas and everybody ask what it's like here, so here it goes.

1. FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL!!! Everyone here is football crazy even though our Breckenridge Buckeroos aren't that good. They only won 1 game.

2. It is hot here, but it's a different kind of hot. Low humidity and always a breeze blowing.

3. Oil wells everywhere! Even in the parking lot of the elementary school.

4. People here don't complain about gas prices because everyone owns an oil well. MUST BE NICE!

5. No real trees. They have misquite trees which look like a big bush to me.

6. FLAT! It seems like you can see forever, which is pretty neat.

7. Windmills. I've never seen a real windmill until I came to Texas.

I guess this has been a good experience for us, and I am glad we decided to come here.

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