Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well to update everyone on the recent situation. We went Friday and picked Josh up for his first visit home. On Saturday he wanted to go to his Aunt and Uncle's and see his half brothers, not a good situation. These are the people he went with last time that got him in Cherokee in the first place. I told him no and after an hour of arguing decided to call the home. The director told me to let him go then go back in 1 hour to pick him up. If he didn't come let them know and at 3:00 Sunday afternoon he would be considered a runaway and they would deal with it. I agreed and let him and Josh know that if that was the case me and Brad were through. Well you guessed it. It is after 3:00 on Sunday and he is now a runaway. Me and Brad are finished helping him and no longer consider him a part of our family. I know it sounds harsh, but we can't keep putting time and energy into a kid who don't care. He is now the homes problem and hopefully they can straighten him out. Me and Brad both feel that we did the very best that we could do.

On to other news. Brad's hernia surgery is tomorrow at 11:00. It is suppose to be out patient, but with Brad's blood pressure issues, they told us to pack a bag "just in case", so we will see how that turns out. Please pray that all goes well and that we don't have to stay in the hospital. I am really tired of those at this point. Also hopefully my next post will include some Easter pics of the kiddos!

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khale7631 said...

I hope Brad's surgery goes well. As for Josh, I think you and Brad handled it in the best way. Ya'll have to keep the kids safe and yourselves.