Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Monday

Well today is a very typical Monday in the Tate household. I usually start Mondays by catching up on email from the weekend then get started on laundry and cleaning. I have successfully accomplished the email, but haven't quite thought about the other yet. We spent all day Friday in Abilene getting school supplies and school clothes- FUN! I spent $85 on school supplies for Jacob and Carley and am still lacking some special pencils that Jacob needs. That also doesn't include backpacks or lunchboxes which we still have from last year- talk about CRAZY! I was able to find them some clothes this weekend which was a total shocker, especially for Carley since the style is made for those mothers training their children to be street walkers!

Yesterday at church we had a good day. There was a 11 year old girl baptized yesterday which makes 2 baptisms in just a few weeks. That helps Brad so much to feel that he is helping to make a difference in this world we are in. We also got roped into helping with the youth canoe trip Saturday. I have never been canoeing not because I'm scared of water, but scared of what is in it!! We have a babysitter for the kids because we are leaving the church at 7:30 and won't be back until 4:00. The river trail we are taking is 10 miles and I figured that would be too tiring for them. Plus I can't look out for them and worry about the snakes at the same time. Please pray that I do not see a snake and end up dead from a heart attack! I will keep you posted on that. Hope you all have a wonderful week and try to enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

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