Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well I feel as though I have accomplished a lot so far this week. I finally got the chance to sit down and go through pictures for my scrapbook and finished about 10 pages or so (yeah, I'm that far behind!). I am now working on the kiddos each a mini album (6x6 size) with some of the black and whites that I have. This weekend is our tax free weekend, so I'm planning to go to the vanity fair outlet in Mineral Wells tomorrow. I need to try to find some summer stuff for school since mine have just about ruined everything they already have. Hopefully I can find some cute stuff there CHEAP since we are still paying medical bills from Brad's surgery. Me and Brad have been working with the kids on teaching them to tie their shoes. They are getting there slowly. Note to parents- Shoe tying has become my new hardest thing to do as a parent. Up until now it was potty training, but shoe tying has definitely surpassed that.

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